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Burn Survivor and Family Workshop:

Recovery from a burn injury can be a life-long journey that requires dealing with many difficult physical, emotional, and psychological issues. A severe burn injury can cause lifestyle changes and impact one's entire family.

Please join us on Saturday, March 10, 2018 for this FREE workshop!

  • Time: 11 am to 4 pm
  • Place: Nomads Building 10100 Middlebelt Road, Romulus
  • Minimum age: 12 years old

The Burn Survivor and Family Workshop will be hosted by the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, University of Michigan Trauma Burn Center, and Detroit Medical Center's Burn Centers. Topics included burn survival journey, community reintegration, PTSD, dealing with stress, and aging with scars.

Burn Injury Awareness Day:

Each year in the United States, 450,000 burn injuries occur that are serious enough to require medical attention. Burns are difficult and challenging injuries, and they can have a life-long impact. The suffering caused by burns is made even more tragic by the fact that can be prevented.

The 5th Annual Burn Injury Awareness Picnic will be held on October 1, 2017 in Stockbridge, MI at the Echo Center.

  • Time: 12 Noon Ceremony
  • Place: Echo Center, 4624 Parmen Road Stockbridge, MI 49285

Burn Injury Awareness Poem or Song Contest:

Enter to win the Burn Injury Awareness Poem or Song Contest. Learn more.

The University of Michigan Trauma Burn Center would like to acknowledge the following for their contributions to Burn Injury Awareness Weekend 2016:

Workshop Guest Speakers: Rex Holmes, Edward Schaekel, Kavitha Ranganathan, MD, Margaret Johnson, PT, Becky Noel, MSW, Pam Peterson, Michael White, MD

Grand Marshal: Attorneys Bonnie Sawusch, Steve Weston, Deborah Palmer now at Varnum.

Partner Organizations and Booth Vendors: Detroit Firefighter Clown Team, Zander Michigan, The Gasoline Gypsies, Phoenix Society SOAR Program, Sparky the Fire Safety Dog (Les & Sue Wedge), Therapaws, Survival Flight, Trauma Burn Center Injury Prevention, Trauma Burn Center Aftercare Programs, & Ypsilanti Township Fire Department.

Volunteers: Linda Annesley, Pam & Tony Pucci, Jim Stretch, Jeff Klas, Ninive Costa, Cora & Ed Yee, Gloria Grapentine, Danielle Wojno, Scott Legac, Heather Pennington, Stephanie Gage, Monica Little, Sophie Manning, Tiffany Williams, Tanya Berenz, Bob & Christine McGee, Rochelle Crow

Sponsors: AlloSource, Milliken, NuStep, Varnum, LLP, Varsity Ford Automotive Group

A special thanks to all of the dedicated Trauma Burn Center staff and volunteers that contributed to this effort!

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