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REACH is a unique school re-entry program that can be utilized for children of any age from pre-school through high school. It can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of each student. REACH provides information and tools necessary for parents and school personnel to assist a child returning to their school and community after a burn injury or illness. Visit the REACH Program website

How REACH Can Help Parents, Kids, Schools and Medical Professionals

The REACH program provides:
  • Tools to help manage a child's transition from injury or illness to returning to school
  • Information on potential challenges a recovering child may face
  • Tips for creating a safe and welcoming environment in the classroom and school
  • Early warning signs that a child may be struggling
  • Stories of how others have handled similar experiences
  • Activities, lesson plans, and discussion points to prepare the returning child and classmates
  • Resources to coordinate communication between parents, teachers, counselors, healthcare professionals, and other care providers
  • A convenient web-based program with online videos, handouts, activities, and tips on topics that are common challenges during the return to school, including:
    • Beginning or returning to school
    • School changes (changing schools or districts, moving from one grade to another, changing teachers, etc.)
    • Going out in public
    • Managing questions and stares
    • Meeting new people
    • Managing upset
    • Teasing and bullying
    • Stress management