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Community Awareness

Straight Talk is available to all local community agencies which service adolescents. This program may be utilized as an additional educational or prevention intervention.

Local Firefighters, Hospital Staff, Teachers, Parents, and Court administrators, attend the program launch and luncheon in March 1998.
In the classroom, youth and parents listen to staff and guest speakers. Parent and child share in open discussions on the severity of fire setting among children. In addition, participants are given information on available resources, coping techniques, and prevention education.
Firefighters co-teach a segment portraying the firefighter perspective on fire investigation and search and rescue. In addition to leading an interactive discussion with both child and parent, a short video is shown.
In the afternoon, participants tour the Trauma Burn Center with staff.
Working side by side with the Director of the Skin Bank and Burn Resource Center: Participants learn all about skin grafting techniques and burn wound infection.
The Home Safety Specialist provides education regarding prevention skills to prevent fires related injuries and promote home safety awareness.
Families self evaluate home safety needs by means of a home safety check list and receive prevention materials designed to promote home safety.
Tim Thackaberry, a 7th grader at Garden City Junior High School, participated in the pilot program. "I have never seen the damage burns cause, "said Thackaberry. " It is pretty scary. "The program made quite an impression on my son. We had a long ride home and there was a lot of talking going on." said Sharon Thackaberry who volunteered to attend with her son.