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"I sat in on the first half of your program yesterday. You and your team did a great job with the kids I was very impressed with the whole thing and would recommend this to anyone."

-- firefighter and public educator

"I enjoyed the opportunity for parents and children to learn together."

-- parent

"Everything was very informative, some parts were very moving and emotional. The speakers were great and it was interesting and eye opening to hear from both sides."

-- parent

"I sat in on your [Straight Talk] program yesterday. You and your team did a great job with the kids I was very impressed with the whole thing. And [I] would recommend this to anyone as it's too bad this type of education is not in our school system."

-- Fire Marshal

"During my tenure, I feel truly blessed to have served as a member of the University of Michigan's "Straight Talk" program by representing our local law enforcement who shares in the responsibility of educating juveniles on the legal consequences of illegal fire setting. I remain grateful to have been a part of such an effective and worthwhile national program!"

-- Chief of Police

"Thank you for providing the letter for work and for hosting the arson and fire safety class. The class was very thoughtfully organized and offered a wealth of information and real talk for both parents and students. I learned a lot and sincerely hope the messages from the class take deep impact on my son."

-- Mother

"I want to thank you again for exposing [my son] and I to such a wonderful program. [My son] has been so impressed by everything he heard and saw. Especially meeting other children his age and younger. [Burn survivor] and the other young man have made a very big impression on him. I heard him give a summary of what took place with his father after we got home and I could hear him say: "I could have burned the house down and kill mom and [brother] in a fire, I couldn't have lived with myself". I knew then that you and all the participants have reached him. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your selfless and hard work. I will pass the word on about the program! Thank you again and again. I will let you know how we're progressing. Please check on us. We could use all the help we can get! Sincerely yours, "

-- Mother

"I was so impressed with the Straight Talk content, speakers and the way you treated the kids with respect and hope. Thanks for letting me attend the conference - I learned so much. And, it was wonderful to see you in action with the families. They commented on what a great job you did when they were leaving."

-- UM Employee and Volunteer

"Your program is such a treasurer and I'm lucky I have the ability to send kids to you for additional help. This program really makes a difference! Kids telling kids about their mistakes or unfortunate circumstances really hits home with them. They hear the message loud and clear when it comes from someone other than a parent or someone wearing a uniform. I am really thankful to be a part of this amazing program! Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks again!"

-- Fire Inspector

"The hard work and dedication you put into this program has saved countless lives and steered many youth down a positive path. Congratulations!"

-- Fire Inspector

"I wanted to let you guys know that I really enjoyed the Straight Talk program yesterday. It is a great program and you guys do a wonderful job with it. I have already recommended it to other firefighters. Keep up the great work."

-- Firefighter