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Outgoing Nurse Educator Lauded for Outreach Efforts

Pamela S. Pucci, R.N., B.S.N., will retire from the division after serving 19 years as a critical care nurse and nurse educator in the Trauma Burn Center. Pucci's devotion to nursing and community education was the foundation for the Trauma Burn Center's nationally recognized outreach and education programs, Straight Talk and Real Life. She also was integral in the development of the Trauma Burn Center's award-winning fire prevention video, In an Instant, which has been adopted by juvenile fire-setting programs across the United States.

Retiring Nurse Educator, Pamela S. Pucci, RN, BSN with her successor, Karla Klas, RN, BSN, CCRP and members of the Detroit Metro Fire Inspectors, who presented Pucci with an award recognizing her efforts in injury prevention.

“Pam has been a tireless and admirable representative of our center to the community,” reflects burn director Stewart Wang, MD, PhD. “Her warmth, dedication and devotion will be sorely missed.”

Pucci’s dedication will impact the community well into the future as injury prevention programs she helped to establish continue to thrive and expand. Existing programs will continue and new initiatives and partnerships for which Pucci laid the foundation will extend the outreach efforts of the division even further.

“It has been a privilege to represent the Trauma Burn Center in my position as nurse educator”, says Pucci. “I have experienced unparalleled gratification in the treatment, aftercare programs and prevention efforts of our team. This coordination of teamwork, strong leadership and community partnerships has enabled us to become a pioneer in community outreach. Thank you to the many juvenile courts, fire departments and community groups who support of our programs and to the FRIENDS of the University of Michigan Hospitals and our generous partners who make our work possible.”

Karla Klas, RN, BSN, CCRP, has been selected to succeed Pucci as nurse educator. Since joining the Trauma Burn Center over 10 years ago, Klas has gained experience not only as a critical care nurse, but as an educator, leading quarterly educational symposiums for first responders. As a longtime colleague of Pucci’s, Klas has seen the impact her work has made on the community. States Klas, “I have seen Pam put her heart into this position and I am eager to follow that lead.”