Leland Gayheart Prevention Award
Leland Gayheart Prevention Award
As a tribute to a firefighter who lost his life to a burn injury, the Leland Gayheart Prevention Award was created to encourage prevention programs within local fire departments. This award is presented in joint effort by the Gayheart family and the University of Michigan Trauma Burn Center
Pamela Pucci and Leora Bowden
Pamela Pucci Service Award
Established in 2013, this award is given annually to a person that exemplifies Pam's passion, commitment, dedication, and service to the Trauma Burn Center.
Michigan Fire Inspectors Burn Society Scholarship
Michigan Fire Inspectors are honored to present up to two survivors, one male and one female with a scholarship. Applicants may submit their application online at
Sarah Grundy Burn Educational Gift Fund
The Sarah Grundy Scholarship Fund enables burn survivors and their families to attend supportive educational programs to help with their recovery, such as the Phoenix Society's World Burn Congress and the Trauma Burn Center's Burn Survivor Education and Support Workshop.