We are nationally recognized experts in injury prevention and safety education who are dedicated to not only providing intervention in our surrounding area, but have a commitment and responsibility to improve safety throughout the United States and beyond.

  • Our programs address preventable injuries to children, adolescents, and adults as well as the medical, legal, social, and financial consequences of injury and disability.
  • We are committed to community education on prevention, consequences, and treatment of traumatic injury.



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Straight Talk
A family-oriented program targeting youth 8 - 17 who exhibit behaviors associated with the misuse of fire. It is also for youth who have observed others playing with fire or who are at risk for experimentation. Straight Talk is provided to families free of charge and has been nationally recognized and scientifically proven as an exemplary prevention and intervention program.
Sean’s Story
Sean’s Story
A National Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention Toolkit. Fire misuse behaviors are associated with devastating costs, injuries, and life-changing consequences. This unique intervention tool enables community educators to lead discussions on methods to halt fire misuse behaviors and is available at no cost to fire departments, police departments, schools, social service agencies, juvenile courts, hospitals, and other JFSI specialists.
Stop The Bleed
Stop The Bleed
Quick actions can Stop the Bleed and save a life! Anyone can earn to Stop the Bleed.
Older Adult Safety and Fall Prevention
Older adults are at higher risk for burn and trauma injuries. Common causes of burn injuries are from cooking, bathing, drinking hot beverages, and eating. Traumatic injuries commonly occur in older adults from falls and car crashes. Contact us about available prevention education classes.
Scald Burn Prevention
The Trauma Burn Center partnered with other organizations to provide this helpful website.
State of Michigan Burn Coordinating Center
State of Michigan Burn Coordinating Center
Designated as the State Burn Coordinating Center for Michigan, the Trauma Burn Center is responsible for training first responders and medical personnel throughout the state to properly respond to catastrophic burn-related events and injuries. This training ensures that a highly-coordinated response is executed in Michigan and its surrounding region for burn mass casualty incidents.
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Trauma Burn Pre-Hospital Education
Continuing pre-hospital education is vital to improving patient outcome and provides an excellent opportunity to review and refine patient pre-hospital care initiatives. Topics are presented by experts in the fields of trauma and burns, injury prevention, workplace safety, and emergency medicine.
Customized Injury Prevention and Outreach Education Available
Upon request, we also provide educational programs to schools, senior citizens, medical professionals, first responders, youth programs, firefighters, and other groups in our community. To request a presentation, contact or visit the below link or call 734-232-3814.
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Understanding Burn Care
The Trauma Burn Center partnered with other organizations to provide this helpful website. It contains resources from burn organizations across the nation for those affected by burn injuries and their families. It brings together, in one central library, tools to make services more accessible to everyone.
Safe Kids Worldwide Coalition
Safe Kids is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating preventable childhood injuries, the leading cause of death and disability for children under 14 years of age. Safe Kids organizes childhood safety campaigns, such as traffic safety, fire and burn safety, water safety, helmet use and home safety.
Michigan OPEN
The Michigan Opioid Prescribing Engagement Network (Michigan OPEN) is working to prevent chronic opioid use and opioid-related harms throughout the state of Michigan.
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Injury Prevention Center
Addressing Urgent Injury Prevention Issues with Research, Education, and Outreach
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Pediatric Trauma
The University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital work involves educating children and adults, advocating for effective laws, providing reduced cost safety products to low-income families, conducting research, and creating safe environments.
MI Prevention
The Trauma Burn Center partnered with other organizations to provide this helpful website. Michigan is “Educating Today for a Safer Tomorrow”!
CarFit is an educational program that offers older adults the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles "fit" them.
Safe Driving
The Trauma Burn Center partnered with other organizations to provide the Safe Drivers Smart Options helpful website.
Webinars & Workshops
Our Injury Prevention and Community Outreach Educator provides numerous professional development and webinar trainings throughout the year. For more information or to request a presentation, please contact: or visit